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Since 1989, Westhoff, Cone & Holmstedt has been meeting the funding needs of the public sector through hard work and innovation.

Westhoff, Cone & Holmstedt is headquartered in Walnut Creek, CA and was established in 1989. The firm is FINRA (www.finra.org) and SEC (www.sec.gov) registered and owned and managed by the three named principals, all veteran public finance bankers with major Wall Street firms who work directly with their clients. Because, Westhoff, Cone & Holmstedt is unencumbered by the corporate hierarchy typical of large investment banks, the firm’s clients enjoy direct access to experienced principals.

Why Work With Us

  • #1 ranked Underwriter in California in the number of solid waste disposal revenue bond issues for nearly 20 years in a row.
  • Our bankers have 126 years of combined capital finance experience and have completed financings in excess of $50 billion.
  • Municipal finance has been our only business since 1989.
  • Our experience underwriting all types of governmental issuers gives us a broad based knowledge pool to draw upon when custom designing issues for clients.
  • We have extensive experience working with the major rating agencies.
  • Our staff is stable, assuring consistency and continuity.

Market Expertise

Throughout their careers, Westhoff, Cone & Holmstedt’s bankers have created fiscally responsible issues rather than suggesting short term transactional problem solving through public debt borrowing. Accordingly, pre-planning, financial advice and follow up services are provided on a pro bono basis, thereby developing an understanding of the client’s total fiscal environment, which ultimately results in the structuring of the most efficient long term financing plan.

Business Continuity and Contingency Planning

Securities industry regulations require that brokerage firms inform their clients of their plans to address the possibility of a business disruption that potentially results from power outages, natural disasters, or other events. Westhoff, Cone, & Holmstedt has a comprehensive business continuity program in place, which we review, update and test on a regular basis. The plan provides for continuation of client service within minutes in most cases. Here are a few examples of what might occur if we were to experience a business disruption of varying magnitude: If one of our telephone systems at the main office were to become unavailable for any reason, we would re- route calls to a secondary location. In the event that our primary data center became unavailable for any reason, we would transition to a separate back-up location. Our data centers are on separate power grids, separate flood plains and fault lines, and within different transportation networks. If we had a power outage in a particular region or business district, we would re-route telephone and electronic communications to alternate locations for the duration of the outage. In the event of a public health crisis that resulted in a high rate of employee absenteeism, we would enact a workforce continuity plan that includes social distancing and other policies to limit exposure, and also focus available personnel on critical business functions that directly support client needs. While no contingency plan can eliminate all risk of service interruption or temporarily impeded account access, we continually assess and update our plans to mitigate all reasonable risk.